DMK Skincare™ Fundamentals Intro to Skin Revision

Sep 21st, 2020
Sep 21st, 2020
Online- Webinar
PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS THE REGISTRATION FOR A WEBINAR *All DMK Certified Paramedical Clinics, must be licensed, have a physical location other than primary residence and are not a mobile physician/nurse/esthetician. Once the Intro to Skin Revision Webinar & Test are Successfully Completed, you will receive a DMK Intro to Skin Revision Certificate and will be open to the DMK Program One Courses. This is your first step in becoming a DMK Certified Paramedical Skin Therapist. If you are interested in working with DMK or learning more about our concept and treatments, this is a great course for you! A brief overview of our entire Professional range will also be given. Everyone will receive a DMK Fundamentals Kit with 30 days of homecare.
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