Acne, Rosacea, Eczema, Psoriasis – what you need to know.

Sep 15th, 2019
Sep 15th, 2019
Des Plaines, IL, USA
North America
Numerous epidemiological and clinical studies within the past decade have demonstrated that genetic, environmental, hormonal and immunological factors all affect acne, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis development as well as its degree of severity and course. Clients with frustrating skin disorders can be challenging to treat, but by doing so will result in the most loyal clientele. Educated estheticians, after the skin is diagnosed by a physician, can greatly help clients affected by adult acne, rosacea, eczema or psoriasis. This class will focus on understanding the endocrine system, aging process, inflammation and hormonal imbalances. Various ingredients and esthetic treatment options will be covered including chemical peels and photofacials. Indications and contraindications will be discussed.