Revitalizing Eye & Stress Reducing Scalp Massage Workshop

Jan 21st, 2019
Jan 21st, 2019
Burlingame, CA, USA
North America
Learn two new massage techniques to add to your skin care treatment, offered as an “add-on” service or as a stand-alone service. Stress and tension can be stored in any area of the body. The eye area and the scalp are very commonly affected by tight muscles in many of our clients. Learning new massage techniques will help you to further customize your skin care treatments without the purchase of additional equipment. The morning session covers a brief review of the eye anatomy; common client’s concerns of the eye area followed by the hands-on practice of the Revitalizing Eye Massage. The afternoon session includes a short theory of scalp anatomy moving into the hands-on portion of the Stress Reducing Scalp Massage. *Students enrolled in school must have at least 500 hours to enroll in this workshop.