Let’s Frame It!

Nov 4th, 2018
Nov 4th, 2018
Des Plaines , Il
North America
Brows are the most important feature that frames the face. A prominent and filled in brow coupled with full beautiful lashes, are sometimes all a client needs to look their best. This class is for professionals looking to boost their income and incorporate perming and tinting of the lashes and brows into their services. This class will have theory and demo of the services followed by hands-on. You will learn: the history of the brows and lash look from the 1920s until now, correctly shaping the brows and lashes based on clients face and eye shapes, perming and tinting the lashes, the growth cycle of the lashes and brows, eyelash lift technique, eyebrow challenges for a client with injectables and fillers, indications or contraindications of the service and proper marketing of the service to increase business.