Pevonia Academy: Cosmetic Chemistry Made Easy for the Savvy Skin Therapist

Jun 18th, 2018
Jun 18th, 2018
Chicago, IL
As a professional in the skin care and beauty industry, every therapist needs to know how to accurately read and identify ingredients on product labels. This is a must if you work with high-quality natural products, especially when analyzing what the competition offers, or you will face objections by your clients preferring theirs over the counter formulas. Don’t miss the opportunity to feel like you have an insider’s pass to the laboratory. Acquired learning skills include learning how a skin care product is formulated from concept to reality, the difference between OTC, “cosmeceuticals”, prescriptions, and “nutraceuticals,” understanding emulsions, micro-emulsions and their components, advantages of tri-phase formulation, selection and extraction of active ingredients from their sources, typical industry ingredients: natural vs. organic vs. synthetic, preservation, encapsulation and delivery systems, types of products in skin care and their purposes, ingredient labeling: rules and regulations; terminology, the importance of packaging and printed symbols and product testing before release into the market: Is your skin care safe? Interactive activity: attendees may bring a skin care product of their choice for general class analysis.
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