Expand your Horizon with Vacuodermie & Pressodermie

Dec 30th, 2015
Dec 30th, 2015
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Ultimate Alternative and Wellness Specialty Therapies Create a unique identity in the market place. Learn how to speed up the body's natural metabolism process. Here is your opportunity to add new treatment to your existing field. Today, as more people seek alternative therapies to deal with their wellbeing, you have to be a pioneer in Health, Beauty and Wellness Advancement, and to bring innovative techniques to your clients; safe, painless and comfortable. Vacuodermie® greatly improves the texture, health and radiance of the skin with visible effects. Morning study will emphasize: •The connection of the vascular system and the lymphatic system •How to modify the abnormal cellulite tissue consistency • the effects of Vacuodermie and face contouring as a beauty treatment