The Repêchage Seasmooth™ Artisan Seaweed Waxing Experience and “Manscaping”

Dec 30th, 2015
Dec 30th, 2015
Secaucus, NJ
Is your waxing service at the salon or spa a relaxing experience? Are you looking to expand your client base and make more money offering services to men? In this class we will teach you the best practices for hair removal for men and women, sanitation and post waxing procedures including Lamina Lift Mask™ and soothing Seaweed Treatment. Demonstrations may include body waxing, Brazilian bikini and “Manscaping” for the nose and ears. Note to attendees: please bring your model for workshop or have hair at least 3/4 in length that can be waxed. Class includes lecture, demonstration and hands-on workshop.
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