Taking Microneedling to Microchanneling, New Treatment

Aug 24th, 2015
Aug 24th, 2015
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Learning how a Multi-treatment platform, combining Microchanneling with Anti-aging infusions, crystal free microderm and LED light therapy in one simple Treatment is a new curiosity in the Skin care field. In short, you will be able to offer a whole new treatment protocol involving Epidermal micro-needling or as some like to call it, micro-channeling. Studies have shown that Micro-needling remodels the skin by creating a minor trauma which triggers a healing response in the skin that increases collagen and elastin production. Chemical peels and lasers are other means of traumatizing the skin to regenerate collagen. The difference is that Microchanneling leaves the Dermis intact as opposed to destroying it as peels and lasers do.