Microdermabrasion Extensive Knowledge

Aug 24th, 2015
Aug 24th, 2015
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In this class you will learn the different Microdermabrasion Protocols supported by technology offered today, in the Esthetic field. Choice of 3 Different approaches to microdermabrasion for you to learn and practice 1. Designed system for unsupervised skin care professionals, utilization of silica or sand or baking soda. Choice of particles determine the aggressiveness to the skin; removal and the force by which the particle hits the skin. 2. Crystal-free Microdermabrasion, with embedded micro silica 3 sizable pads with the advantage of disposables, low cost and fast application followed by Infusion automatic application of a serum or Vitamin C, hyaluronic serum and anti-oxidants through the equipment applicator. 3. Diamond Microdermabrasion with or without Infusion of Serums, LED's, with separate treatment Option available.