Body Care is Pinterest's Top Skin Care Trend for 2024

African american lady having skin scrubbing procedure at spa salon
Interest in body care treatments skyrocketed on Pinterest in 2023.
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Body care is predicted to be the biggest trend in skin care in 2024, according to Pinterest's Head to Glow trend report, which looks at the most pinned topics on the platform related to the beauty industry. 

Body treatment-related pins rose by 1025% in 2023, per the report. Body care interest increased by 845%, body moisturizer aesthetic increased by 245% and spa aesthetic increased by 60%, suggesting that body relaxation through hot soaks and body oils or lotions will be at the forefront of guest's desires this year.

An article from Evoke on the increased interest in body care suggests incorporating a scrub, exfoliating lotion or exfoliating with a mitt, which is claimed to be the easiest method. At-home spa treatments, oils and body butters will also be closely associated with the emerging body care trend.

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