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The Secret to Competitive Marketing

By: Bryan Durocher
Posted: January 5, 2011, from the January 2011 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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Invest in a great website. Your website is your virtual business. With the aid of professional Web designers and search engine optimizers, you can attract a large number of leads to receive automatic e-mail updates from your spa. For this, you can use regular newsletters, giveaway offers, product and service pages, service providers, and photos of your spa, as well as of before-and-afters. More savvy consumers are looking for your services via the Internet, so its important to have a strong presence on it.

Host a client recruitment seminar. The main objective here is to consult with as many potential clients as possible all at the same time. Being behind a podium gives you an opportunity to give a presentation focused on products and services targeted to your audience.

Begin by putting together your invitation list: your database of existing leads, prospects and clients, beauty media, members of the local chamber of commerce, and other wellness businesses, such as weight loss centers and yoga studios. Include loyal, satisfied clients who are willing to stand up and give a testimony on your work.

Advertise your seminar one month in advance via your website, newsletter and signage in your spa. You can also take it to local media, if you like. Plan on a two- to three-hour time frame for the event, and include refreshments and giveaways. When the media arrives, hand them your press kit and a gift certificate for free services. As your guests arrive, have travel-size products in a gift bags for them.

Structure your presentation to offer solutions, telling stories about actual client situations and results, and describing treatment processes and benefits, including facts, statistics and expert quotes. Do demonstrations, pass around samples, show photos, and include a menu, brochures and incentives in your attendees’ gift bags.