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PurErb skin care products are based on herbology, the use of herb and plant extracts for therapeutic purposes. Blended by aromatherapists and masters of herbology, PurErb balms and oils perfectly synergize with Meridian facial massage, enhancing inner and outer well-being.

Natural Solutions

PurErb balms, creams, oils, serums, toners, and cleansers feature a harmonious fusion of more than 100 therapeutic herbs and exotic plant extracts gathered from distant rainforests, secluded valleys, sun-drenched plains and mist-enshrouded mountains.

Each PurErb proprietary formula contains authentic, 100% pure botanical extracts and aromatic vegetal oils and butters. PurErb products never contain gluten, parabens, sulfates, glycols or artificial fragrance.

Ageless Meridian Principles

Meridian theory dates from the 3rd century BC and focuses on improving Qi, the body’s natural flow of energy. Meridian facial massage diminishes physical signs of stress and energy imbalance, opening the pathway to improved beauty and overall health.


The skin reflects the condition of the mind and spirit. PurErb aromatherapy, skin care and Meridian massage products have been created to renew body, mind, and spirit in an exotic voyage toward inner and outer well-being: the ultimate rejuvenating experience.

Products from PurErb

PurErb’s Vitality Gentle Cleansing Milk

Vitality Gentle Cleansing Milk contains alpine rose, mandarin orange, Tasmanian pepperberry, meadowfoam and baobab extracts to soften and refresh the skin. 

PurErb’s Clarity Brightening Bar

The Clarity Brightening Bar lifts impurities, brightens dull skin and reduces hyperpigmentation, while boosting alertness and promoting stability. Developed by a Korean master monk, the product was formulated with 38 plant extracts, which are top herbal ingredients from various parts of the world.

PurErb’s Vitality Deep Cleansing Oil

Delivering a deep moisturizing sensation, the Vitality Deep Cleansing Oil provides vital nutrients and energizing aromas through herbology-based skin care and aromatherapy. Additionally, this cleansing oil works well with all skin types.

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