PROBIOTIC MASKS to Firm, Brighten, and Tighten

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PROBIOTIC MASKS to Firm, Brighten and Tighten

Make a toast to fermentation—not with a glass of wine, but with a ProFerm mask by Le Mieux. These probiotic masks feature skin-loving fermented red ginseng, rice, and green tea for firming, brightening, and tightening skin on the face, eye areas and neck.

Why use fermentation in skin care? The process of fermentation uses yeast or bacteria to break down an active ingredient into smaller elements. These particles have a high compatibility with skin because they are small enough to absorb into skin more effectively, which will maximize benefits while minimizing the risk of skin irritation.

Enter ProFerm masks by Le Mieux, whisper-thin hydrogel sheet masks featuring fermented ingredients that deliver unparalleled absorption for maximum firming, brightening and tightening. Choose between ProFerm Face Glow Mask, ProFerm Eyelift Mask, or ProFerm Neck Contour Mask—or cover the bases with all three!

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ProFerm Masks with BC Complex

The superhero in ProFerm masks by Le Mieux is Biomolecular Conversion Complex, or “BC Complex” for short. BC Complex uses fermented red ginseng, rice, and green tea to convert large molecules of other active ingredients into smaller elements. The goal: Better absorption of hydration-boosting hyaluronic acid, moisture-locking ceramides, powerful peptides, skin-nourishing vitamins and free-radical fighters. The result: Maximum firming, brightening, and tightening of the face, eye areas, and neck, without skin irritation.

Ferm It Up!

Fermented formulations are also beneficial for maintaining a more stable microbiome on the skin’s surface, supporting skin’s protective barrier, minimizing inflammation and helping alleviate dryness. And that’s not all. Fermentation in skin care helps defend against free radical damage and signs of oxidative and environmental stressors that lead to visible signs of aging, such as wrinkles, sagging and dark spots. To top it all off, fermented ingredients in skin care work together to increase the potency of peptides, vitamins, antioxidants and proteins. This power team helps brighten, inhibit melanin synthesis, target dark spots without skin irritation, encourage collagen synthesis to minimize wrinkles, firm skin and provide other anti-aging benefits.

Bottom line: “Ferm up” your facials with ProFerm masks for face, eye areas and neck. These whisper-thin, hydrogel probiotic sheet masks provide unparalleled absorption and maximum firming, brightening and tightening. We break it down for you… so you don’t have to.


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