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Le Mieux

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Products from Le Mieux

    Le Mieux’s Sheer Hydration Serum and Cream

    Le Mieux’s 2-in-1 Sheer Hydration cream combines hyaluronic acid with jojoba and chamomile  to soothe and hydrate the skin. The non-greasy formula is good for combination and oily skin types.

    Le Mieux’s StemCell EGF

    StemCell EGF encourages collagen and elastin synthesis, assists in preventing collagen breakdown and combats signs of aging with a blend of stem cells and EGF. 

    Le Mieux’s Microderm Exfoliant

    The Microderm Exfoliant refines the skin with a microdermabrasion scrub, which gently exfoliates, The product helps to eliminate surface impurities with aid from corundum crystals and brightening botanicals.

    Le Mieux’s Perfect Renewal System

    The Perfect Renewal System is a peel made from mandelic acid and alpha-arbutin, which clears congested pores and reduces blemishes. This product also aids in the restoration of radiant glow and smooths lines on the face, neck and back.

    Le Mieux’s Brightening Toner

    Brightening Toner works on dull, uneven skin with sun damage and hyperpigmentation. The toner deeply hydrates and maintains natural moisture factors, reducing the appearance of fine lines, while brightening and evening out the complexion.

    Le Mieux’s Brightening Cleanser

    The Brightening Cleanser is a gentle cleanser, which helps brighten, nourish and boost radiance, without stripping skin of moisture. The cleanser's key ingredients help dull and uneven skin.

Le Mieux Bio

Le Mieux is a division of Bielle Cosmetics, Inc., specializing in innovative skin care products based on extensive anti-aging and cell growth research. Our high-tech, youth-preserving products keep us at the forefront of a constantly evolving beauty care industry. The company offers a unique and comprehensive range of products combining the latest breakthroughs in natural, herbal and botanical ingredients with innovative, state-of-the-art formula. Le Mieux Cosmetics takes pride in excellent professional training and provides quality products.

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