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Altair Instruments

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Altair Instruments has been a medical device manufacturer for 30 years with expertise in Class, I, II & III products.The company has parlayed their medical device expertise and created the revolutionary crystal free skin exfoliation system.

With years of experience in the medical device industry ranging from power surgical instruments to cochlear implants, Altair has been on the forefront of innovation. When asked by a plastic surgeon about a skin exfoliation system, they were up to the challenge to make it even better. In 1999 Altair Instruments was proud to introduce the first crystal free skin exfoliation system called the NewApeel. Also introduced were the first body wands that expanded skin exfoliation from not just the face but to the entire body.

This crystal free skin exfoliation system has modernized the skin exfoliation industry to include the health and well being of the patient, aesthetician and the environment. With no aluminum oxide to dispose of, there are no airborne contaminants or added waste. Using micro diamond chips to abrade the skin, this new-patented system filled the need for an environmentally friendly treatment with excellent results.

Products from Altair Instruments

Altair Instruments Inc.'s DiamondTome Hydro Serums

DiamondTome Hydro Serums soothe the skin of irritation while improving its texture and overall appearance. 

Altair Instruments' NewApeel

NewApeel smooths and softens the skin, and the crystal microexfoliation brightens the skin.

Altair Instruments Inc.'s DT2 Exfoliation System with Serum Infusion

DT2 uses a diamond-tip to exfoliate dirt, oil and dead skin cells away. This non-invasive tool reveals fresh and smooth skin.