A Compelling Case for Microdermabrasion: Why it belongs in Every Treatment Room


After a 20+ year industry presence, professionals might wonder if microdermabrasion was the “fad” some discussed when first introduced, or has it become the treatment room’s exceptional standby many touted as early as 1997.  Have other tools become available to the clinical aesthetician that rival the professional results of a series of microdermabrasion treatments?  Possibly, but with limitations. With improvements in microdermabrasion technology, treatment costs have been reduced from the early days with the cost of crystals, multiple filters, and hand pieces (the Aesthetician’s cost has further decreased with the invention of diamond tip wands); and even with add-on treatments, the client’s price point has not significantly increased.  


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The industry excitement when microdermabrasion was introduced has transformed into the fact that it is a reliable workhorse that can be used on almost anyone, with consistent and replicable results. As understanding about how treatments should be performed became documented, additional information has shown that combining treatments with topical products provides exceptional results, and when paired with spaced-out chemical peels can give clients/patients results on par with some physician procedures – without extensive down-time.  With this ability to personalize treatments based upon clients’ skin concerns, financial situation and downtime flexibility, microdermabrasion in the treatment room makes sense.

Staying on top of technology and product knowledge gives you options to offer clients improved results by including deep hydration therapy via intensive serum infusion, while the possibility of targeting hyperpigmentation in a post-microdermabrasion treatment will excite many clients. 

Treatment possibilities with microdermabrasion include:

•     Reduction of minor to moderate early aging fine lines, with stimulation of fibroblasts for collagen reproduction

•     Minor scar revision

•     Hyperpigmentation reduction in combination with hydroquinone skin lighteners

•    Overall rejuvenation of skin health because of increased blood flow due to vacuum stimulation with lymphatic drainage

•     Enhanced penetration of carefully chosen topical actives after treatment without the potential for adverse chemical irritations like ‘hot spots’

•    May be performed during pregnancy

•     May be performed within weeks of surgery (with physician permission) with appropriate adjustment of vacuum - May assist/enhance healing due to increased blood flow

•     Elimination of client recovery and downtime - Any residual erythema/hyperemia from a moderate exfoliation dissipates rapidly with no peeling or flaking

Today's discerning consumer is looking for great results at a good price point, while expecting to continue with their daily life without interruption.  Of great benefit to aestheticians and physicians is that microdermabrasion may be performed in 45-minute sessions depending upon the pre- and post-treatment strategies. Few clients today have the ability or desire to go into virtual hibernation until their skin returns to normal. 


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Always  bear in mind that evaluation and counseling are essential.  The aesthetician or  physician must adopt a rigid documentation policy at each treatment stage.  Questionable conditions should be referred to an appropriate medical specialist before starting a course of treatments.




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