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Founded in 1964, THALGO has become a world leader in marine spa. Led by science and marine research, THALGO products are chosen by over 20,000 top spas, resorts and thalassotherapy centers in more than 90 countries. Continuing to push the boundaries of innovation, THALGO’s 360° approach to wellness offers a wide range of skincare, body treatments as well as nutritional supplements for a complete solution and overall effectiveness.

Products from Thalgo

Thalgo's Exception Marine Collection

Exception Marine Collection includes a redensifying cream, rich cream and serum and an eyelid lifting cream that work to redefine the contours of the face.

Thalgo's Sleeping Cream

Sleeping Cream slowly releases ingredients to the skin overnight, so that it is plumped and hydrated in the morning. 

Thalgo's ACTIV Refining Blocker

ACTIV Refining Blocker is a booster that uses an anti-fat and anti-sugar action and an elimination-detoxification action to boost weight loss. 

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