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Nouveau Contour

Phone: 321-332-6975

Nouveau Contour is the premier global manufacturer of professional micropigmentation products. Established in 1993, Nouveau Contour was the first to introduce the digital pigmentation device.

As a premier brand Nouveau Contour has since grown to be an international organization with its own production facilities for professional micropigmentation application and exports worldwide.

In all countries where distributed; Nouveau Contour is the leading brand. The company’s global headquarters is located in The Netherlands, where all matters related to exports, sales, order processing, training, graphic design and marketing are managed. The product development, production and dispatch departments, are separately located at our Global Logistics Center. To better serve the North American market, Nouveau Contour opened its US headquarters in Orlando, Florida in 2009.

Products from Nouveau Contour

Nouveau Contour USA’s iQ Device

IQ permanent makeup device is suitable for micropigmenation and medical applications, and features 70 to 150 needle insertions per second. 

Nouveau Contour’s Intelligent Permanent Makeup Application Device

The Intelligent permanent makeup application device continuously measures skin resistance during micropigmentation and increases or decreases needle speed and pressure for optimal results.