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Lira Clinical was created by four passionate skincare professionals and educators who wanted to take today’s skincare to the next level.  All with specialized backgrounds in the aesthetic industry they brought together their knowledge and skills to develop a skincare think tank. Through this think tank they created a line with three goals in mind: Brighter, healthier, younger looking skin. They accomplished these components by incorporating formulations that combined science and nature to fulfill their core philosophies.

You can identify each product line by the coordinating color on the product's packaging. Each line is designed to promote a specific component of skin health. Our products are tailored to treat aging, dry/dehydrated, oily/acne, uneven skin tone, and sensitive skin.

Lira Clinical products are easily customizable. You can combine any product to create your own treatment program and home care system.

We offer simple methods for effective AM/PM homecare treatments with our "Constant Correction" approach. You can recommend effective treatments with a custom combination of these Lira Clinical elements: cleanse, resurface, recover, lighten/tighten, and shield.

Lira Clinical offers an array of sample packs that you can customize for your client's needs. Educational materials, local continuing education classes, and customer support are available to help you get started.

Lira's innovative Guide and Protect System simplifies skin care regimen design. With GPS, you can precisely chart a highly effective resurfacing treatment program targeted at treating damage at specific depths of the epidermis. As a result, you can offer highly customized solutions and clients see more corrective results in a more efficient time line.

Products from Lira Clinical

Lira Clinical's BIO Lift Creme

BIO Lift Creme works to moisturize the skin while also using epigenetic technology to smooth and brighten the skin. 

Lira Clinical's Pure Hyaluronic Acid

Pure Hyaluronic Acid provides a hydration boost to the skin to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while boosting treatments. 

Lira Clinical's Pro Anti-Aging Pads

Pro Anti-aging Pads work to renew the appearance of lackluster, aging and pigmented skins for a youthful complexion. 

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