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Kerstin Florian

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Kerstin Florian is a luxury skincare company that focuses on results. The guiding philosophy of Outer Beauty, Inner Health inspires a sense of wellbeing through powerful plant, marine and technically-advanced ingredients as well as professionally-designed spa services. To support a wellness-based lifestyle and to achieve healthy-looking vibrant skin, Kerstin Florian encourages four core lifestyle practices people can incorporate into their daily lives - nutrition, exercise, peace of mind, care of face and body. Because of this powerful blend of passion, innovation, natural wellness and the spa lifestyle, Kerstin Florian products deliver noticeable results and memorable sensory experiences both at home and in the finest luxury resort and destination spas around the world.


Products from Kerstin Florian

Kerstin Florian’s Natural Aloe Gel

Natural Aloe Gel works to soothe chapped, dry and sun-exposed skin while delivering hydrating ingredients to the skin.

Kerstin Florian's Natural Rehydrating Neroli Water

Natural Rehydrating Neroli Water uses organic aloe to hydrate and protect the skin while providing anti-inflammatory benefits. 

Kerstin Florian's ANDA Enzyme Serum-Masque

Enzyme Serum-Masque exfoliates, smooth and brighten the skin through the use of fruit enzymes.