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Anna Lotan PRO was founded by Ms.  Anna Lotan a practicing Esthetician and Educator.  The products reflect her personal approach and treatment philosophy.  All of our products are created to work in harmony with the skins metabolism, with a sensitivity to the needs of individual skin types and a respect for the skins principal function as the body's protective outer barrier.

Throughout the years, the Anna Lotan PRO goal has been to use pure and active natural products, minimizing the need for chemical preservatives and emulsifiers to stabilize formulations.  As a result, we have created a wide range of products which are especially kind to the skin, cruelty free, friendly to the environment and based on renewable ingredients.

Our only method of distribution is through skin care professionals, salons and spas who are Anna Lotan PRO Skin Care Partners.  We have no on-line distribution

Products from Anna Lotan Pro USA

Anna Lotan Pro's Resilience Cream

Resilience Cream works to relieve discomfort in the skin due to environmental damage. Check out it's other benefits and where to find it. 

Anna Lotan's Mandelic Acid Exfoliating Gel with Brightening Effect

Mandelic Acid Exfoliating Gel with Brightening Effect works to gently exfoliate the skin to improve water retention while also brightening and clarifying. 

Anna Lotan's Micellar Rose Water

Micellar Rose Water is a cleanser that removes makeup, dirt and sebum residue for a clean and bright complexion.

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