Anna Lotan Pro USA's Jerusalem Balsam Skin Barrier Support


Anna Lotan Pro USA's Jerusalem Balsam Skin Barrier Support is a purifying lotion that helps with breakouts associated with "maskne." The product has a formulation that is enriched with herbal extracts and skin purifying resins such as, myrrh, frankincense, pistacia lenticus and propolis. 

Moisture-binding ingredients such as amino acids, aloe vera leaf juice and oat beta glucan hydrate the skin while enhancing its softness. Bio-mimetic lipids (simulating the composition of lipids naturally found in the skin), squalane phytosterols and triglycerides work together with jojoba seed wax to maintain skin elasticity and strengthen its resilience. Herbal extract of lepidium sprouts contributes to the environmental stress protection while acting together with siberian white fir oil as antioxidants. The lotion adheres and is rapidly absorbed by the skin leaving a fine protective film for a prolonged sensation of comfort and cleanliness.

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