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Hybrid Peel Technology – The NEW Way to Maximize Correction

Lira Clinical

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Hybrid technology has been a hot topic in multiple industries the last decade, from hybrid cars, mobile technology, food and even aesthetics. So, how is the concept of hybrid technology being applied in the treatment room?

Hybrid treatment technology is an innovative approach to crafting treatments for all levels of correction. These treatments consist of combining peels, products and modalities that present an assortment of benefits for specific or multiple skin conditions. By blending these multi-beneficial elements, you create a single hybrid treatment.

Gone are the days of basic, single benefit anything. Today’s consumer demands a multi-faceted experience with on-demand results and no downtime. It’s important to address these modern desires by incorporating hybrid treatments that offer result-driven outcomes with a range of options depending on client goals.

Why Hybrid Peels?

Deliver the results your client expects and more. Hybrid peel treatments allow for limitless innovative solutions for tackling any skin condition. Lira Clinical SmartPeels and professional products provide that creative freedom with an entire range fortified with minerals, botanicals, plant stem cells, peptides, probiotics and more. Lira Clinical’s SmartPeels and hybrid treatment concept presents a multitude of benefits including:

  • Correction in Motion: Exercise the skin back to its youthful appearance with different protocols that enhance cellular turnover.
  • Cost Benefit: Maximize each peel solution to deliver multiple benefits and achieve various levels of activity from progressive to aggressive.
  • Client Engagement: Keep your clientele engaged with their skincare journey by offering unique treatment choices and experiences.
  • Not Limited to Seasons: Lira Clinical SmartPeels are designed to be performed all year long. 
  • Immediate Results: Instant gratification with dramatic results in just one treatment.

Featured Hybrid Treatments

Lira Clinical’s latest Luxury Treatment Guide offers a collection of hybrid treatments inspired by global beauty. Download your copy of the Beauty Around the World Treatment Guide to discover more.

Northern Lights Illuminating Treatment

A brightening and anti-aging hybrid peel treatment that blends the Lira Clinical Lactic Clear Peel with the PRO C4 Retinol Serum. This unique combination creates a distinct sensory experience that produces a smooth texture and delivers brightening lactic acid, vitamin C, retinol and plant stem cells.

Clear Brilliance Clarifying Treatment

A balancing and detoxifying hybrid peel treatment that combines the Lira Clinical Sal Pulp Peel and the award-winning ICE Balancing Lotion. This powerful blend produces a creamy salicylic delivery that clears and detoxifies with probiotics, antioxidant fruit pulp and acne fighting botanicals.    

Learn the Art of Hybrid Peeling

Lira Clinical is the pioneer in hybrid treatment technology and multi-purpose peels. Lira Clinical believes that continuing education is the key to success and optimal business growth. Discover award winning products and advanced education options in your area by emailing or visiting


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