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What Skin Care Ingredient Lists Don't Tell You

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Knowing what's in a skin care product is important, especially if a client has an allergy or to avoid accidentally mixing ingredients that should not be used together. However, a product shouldn't be judged solely off the ingredient list. 

There is a lot that an ingredient list doesn't say, per PopSugar. This includes:

  • what the product is,

  • the concentration of each ingredient (unless the ingredient is active),

  • how much of the ingredient there is,

  • how the ingredients are formulated together,

  • if there is any special technology or innovation used,

  • the grade of an ingredient,

  • where the brand sources its ingredients.

There are a lot of misconceptions about what ingredients are "good" and what are "bad," such as parabens and sulphates, but in small concentrations these can be beneficial. This is why a product can't be judged solely on its list.

Overall, an ingredient list is good to read, but there's more to a product than its list.