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Meadowfoam Seed's Role in Protecting Skin

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Meadowfoam seed oil's main function is to moisturize

Clients are looking to protect their skin to help prevent, rather than treat, any skin concerns.

While there are ways to protect the skin's barrier, such as slugging, another option to look into is meadowfoam seed oil.

The oil is non-comedogenic and non-fragrant, so it can be safe for skin types of all kinds.

So what does meadowfoam do? According to Hello Giggles, besides acting as a barrier to the skin, it can have other benefits such as:

  • Lock in moisture,

  • Calm inflammation,

  • Soften skin.

Meadowfoam can be found in oils, creams and masksHarold Lancer, M.D., a California-based dermatologist and founder of Lancer Skincare, suggests "using products that contain meadowfoam seed oil in their ingredients list, rather than using it on its own. However, because of its productive properties, he says that the best way to use meadowfoam seed oil is in a moisturizer or after moisturizer to help bind the moisture."