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Skin Inc. is dedicated to providing high quality education for the professional skin care industry, and Skin Inc. Video Education is here to meet that need! The first course, Physiology of the Skin, is based on the Physiology of the Skin book series by Peter T. Pugliese, MD, and Zoe Draelos, MD. Learn the science behind the function and structure of the skin as it relates to acne, the sun, aging skin and medical spa.

Don't know what to expect? Read the lesson excerpt below from the second lesson, "Sun", and view the Take a Tour video!

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Excerpt: Transcript of the first few minutes of the Sun lesson

"The sun is critically important because it's the giver of all life, but believe it or not, it's also the sun that takes away the beauty of the skin over the many, many years of exposure throughout a lifetime. What we're going to focus on in this presentation is to discuss a little bit about the sun, how it affects the skin, how you protect yourself from the sun and then talk a little bit about some of the damaging effects of the sun, which include aging as well as various types of skin cancer. The hope is that at the end of this hour you'll have a better understanding of how the sun affects the skin and its health.

So without further ado, let's get started and talk a little bit about the art of hiding from the sun. Hiding from the sun is really the way that the body protects itself from damage that could ultimately result in premature aging or skin cancer. There are several methods of photoprotection that I have listed here. One of them is clothing. Never forget that clothing is the best type of photoprotection.

Obviously you can't always wear clothing over your head, so there has to be some other type of photoprotective mechanism available. An umbrella is something that's excellent to use. It can be carried in a purse and taken out whenever you find yourself at the beach or unexpectedly at a ball game.

Also remember that sunglasses are very important. Sun can also be very damaging to the eyes as well. You may not know, but cataracts are due to sun damage in the eyes themselves, and wearing sunglasses can be very important in achieving healthy eyes for a lifetime.

Next, peak sun avoidance is important. This includes staying out of the sun, going out before 10 am or after 5 pm. Why is that important? Because during those peak hours of sun exposure, you're actually getting more sun per unit time than you otherwise would. So 10 minutes of sun after 5 pm is not nearly as damaging to the skin as 10 minutes of sun at noon.

Fortunately we're designed to live in a sunny environment, and indeed people who totally avoid the sun many times experience depression. Sun is something that should be enjoyed. You should go out and play in the sun, but laying in the sun for the specific purpose of achieving a tan may not be the healthiest idea for your skin."

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