3 Skin Benefits of Pomegranate Extract


Is your skin care regimen begging for some antioxidants? We've got your latest addition! According to an article by MindBodyGreen, pomegranate extract has some serious skin benefits. The fruit extract aids in the process of healthy aging through its abundance of nutrients. Here are three reasons why pomegranate extract might be your new favorite ingredient!

1. Pomegranates Have Antioxidant Properties

Pomegranates are filled with antioxidant abilities. According to the article, "pomegranates are one of the best sources of ellagic acid, a specific type of the antioxidant polyphenol." The fruit also has properties that provide protection against free radicals. 

2. The Extract Protects Against UV Damage

Pomegranates can help protect against photodamage, aging and UV exposure. The antioxidants found in the extract can better equip skin cells to fight off UV rays and its adverse effects. The ingredient has also been shown to help in treating sun-induced hyperpigmentation. 

3. Pomegranates Combat Oxidative Stress

The extract has been proved to help in the process of cellular detox, protecting the skin from oxidative stress that might cause signs of premature aging. Application of products that contain pomegranate extract can result in an increase of "antioxidant capacity in the body" and move along the detoxification process. 

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