Probiotic Pros: Skin Care Cure-all?


While there are parts of the body in which bacteria aren’t welcome (hello, eyeballs), others, like your gut, make a good home for the little guys — which, in turn, help digest food and regulate your immune response.

Your skin, too, naturally plays host for a number of good bacteria. But external factors (like pollution) and harsh formulas in your skin care routine can kill off these good bacteria. That’s when you get into trouble.

The pros of probiotics

“The whole goal of probiotics is to calm skin,” says Roshini Raj, M.D., a gastroenterologist and the founder of probiotic-based skincare brand, Tula.

“Different parts of the bacteria — the cell walls, their hydration — balance skin by strengthening the protective barrier, maintaining skin’s moisture levels, and boosting its immune defenses.”

Probiotics are gentle and effective multitaskers, making them the closest thing to a cure-all.

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