Diet and Skin Care: Romantic Foods for the Skin


Indulgent foods are often looked at as the types of food that should barely ever be touched, even in moderation. Dr. Mirela Mitan, biochemist and skin care CEO of Bergdorf Goodman's MMXV Infinitude discusses what romantic and indulgent foods are actually good for the skin in comparison to others.

Yes: Dark Chocolate. Mitan explains how chocolate is filled with antioxidants that help with deoxygenation of the skin, with lower glycemic indexes and dairy being better for acneic skin types.

No: Milk Chocolate. Adding milk reduces the cocoa content of the chocolate, which in turn reduces the antioxidant effects on the skin. Dairy and higher glycemic indexes are also shown to to exacerbate acne. 

Yes: Strawberries. Mitan explains how strawberries contain ellagic acid that prevents collagen destruction and works against UV damage in the skin. The vitamin C levels in this fruit both fight against oily or acneic skin types while giving the skin a revitalized complexion.

No: Sugary Desserts: "Advanced Glycation and End Products (AGEs) are created through a non-enzymatic reaction...between reducing sugars and free amino acids of proteins, lipids, or nucleic acids" explains Mitan. The consequence of having a sugary diet includes brown spots, loss of elasticity, wrinkle formation and an overall unhealthy appearance. 

Yes: Red Wine. Red wine, like dark chocolate, is also filled with antioxidants, but these antioxidants help to strengthen the skin layer.

No: Mixed Drinks. The higher content of pure alcohol that a drink has, the more that it will dehydrate the skin.

Overall, when it comes to indulgent holidays, "opting for red wines and less sugars will have your skin thanking you in the morning," says Mitan.

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