56% of Americans Rarely or Never Use Sunscreen

Only 19% of Americans use sunscreen daily.
Only 19% of Americans use sunscreen daily.

The Derm Review has published a survey on consumer usage of sunscreen. It surveyed 1,000 Americans for the report, with around 49% male and 51% female.

In the report, out of those surveyed:

  • 56% reported rarely or never using sunscreen. 

  • 35%reported never wearing sunscreen.

  • 19% reported using sunscreen daily.

Out of the male participants, 62% reported rarely or never wearing sunscreen and 50% of female responded reported that way. 

Those who aren't applying sunscreen regularly are forfeiting a 40% protection from skin cancer.

The low numbers of those wearing sunscreen correlates with the increase of newly-diagnosed melanoma cases throughout the past decade (2011 – 2021). The annual rate increase by 44%. 

study conducted on 429 individuals revealed reasons for not using sunscreen:

  • 33.7% of people don’t like the way it feels.

  • 15.3% of people don’t use it because they don’t have time.

  • 16.4% of people find sunscreens too costly.

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