The Eggciting Skin Benefits of Eggs


Korean skin care has continued to take over the Western market with new trends regularly surfacing that people can’t help but try. One specific ingredient that has found its way into many Korean skin care products is egg. From egg whites to egg yolks and even the shell, many skin care experts are finding uses of egg whites in skin care.

Skin Benefits of Eggs

Egg whites hold two important ingredients for the skin—protein and collagen.1 These two ingredients prove to be increasingly helpful when it comes to fighting off inflammation as well as fine lines and wrinkles. However, it is important to keep in mind that the molecules in egg whites are too large to penetrate beyond the upper layers of the skin.1

In total, egg whites contain 18 essential amino acids that are great for the skin and body.2 In fact, collagen has been shown to be so prevalent in eggs that it is found in the shell membrane, yolk and egg white.3 In a 2015 study,  researchers discovered how egg shell membranes have outstanding effects on the suppression of skin aging and protecting the skin from UVB radiation.4

Breaking Eggs in Treatments

The most common use of egg in skin care is through professionally given egg white masks. While consumers do try to make these treatments at home, it is safest for the skin to go to a spa professional to receive this kind of treatment safely.The mask treatment can also provide pore-shrinking and skin-tightening benefits for a more youthful complexion. 

Another popular way that egg whites have been seen or used in Korean skin care would be through the use of a face wash. In most cases, Korean skin care has upgraded egg whites to be used in skin care in a meringue style texture.5


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