The Importance of Beauty Supplements


Have you noticed the new “products” on the beauty block? Well, beauty and skin care supplements have arrived and look to be coming in scores. Quite often, customers are pointing out their unusual canisters and packages before we even notice them ourselves. They are rather unfamiliar to those of us who have built our careers on serums, scrubs and creams. Nevertheless, they are here to stay. Announcing the long-anticipated arrival of internal beauty!


In 1912, a scientist named Casimir Funk gained recognition for identifying certain components in food as necessary to the body’s health and development. His term “vital-amine” which literally meant “vital substance for life” was later shortened to vitamin. Over the next century, the importance of vitamins would shape the way humans looked at nutrition, diet and health. Vitamins became an integral part of almost every therapeutic philosophy and protocol in the world. Surprisingly, it would not become truly relevant in skin care until the end of the century.

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