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Product Roundups

SI2001: Mega Moisture

Help your clients fight winter dryness with these hydrating products.

SI2001: We Heart You

From chocolate to romance, Valentine's Day has a lot to offer, so make sure you have a lot to offer your clients for this holiday.

SI1912 Roundup: Masks with More

Make sure you have the best masks for your clients both in the treatment room and for retail.

SI1912 Roundup: Dermal Detox

Sometimes all the skin needs is a good detox. Make sure you can give that to your clients with these products.

SI1911 Roundup: No Hair in Sight

Whether your clients have coarse, thick or fine hair, make sure you have hair removal product options for them.

SI1911 Roundup: Shades of Beauty

Treat multiethnic clients with this arsenal of products that are effective on all skin tones.

SI1910 Roundup: The Giving Season

During the holidays, show your clients what they should be gifting their loved ones and themselves with this gift guide.

SI1910 Roundup: It's Great to Exfoliate

Don't let your clients be caught with flaky skin; show them these products to keep their skin exfoliated and rejuvenated.

SI1909 Roundup: Let's Get Medical

Help your clients achieve the ultimate flawless face with these medspa products and machines.

SI1909 Roundup: The Eye and Lip Lowdown

Use these products to make sure your clients don't get caught with chapped lips or dark undereye bags

SI1908 Roundup: Project Radiance

Glowing skin is always in. See how these products can get your clients that radiant, rejuvenated glow.

SI1908 Roundup: Feeling On Fleek

Good brows make all the difference in someone's appearance. Check out these brow products to keep your clients on fleek.