Body Bliss' Lava Mala Collection


Lava Mala Collection is designed as mindful, aromatherapy jewelry that features six bracelets handcrafted with semi-precious gemstones and black lava rock. The lava rock is made from porous volcanic rock, which allows it to diffuse an aromatherapy blend from Body Bliss that aligns with the gemstones for holistic properties.

Included in this Collection

  • African Turquoise gemstone bracelet + Turquoise Sage essential oil blend
  • Bronzite gemstone bracelet + Ocean Dew essential oil blend
  • Larvakite gemstone bracelet + Mood Melt essential oil blend
  • Red Tiger's Eye gemstone bracelet + Inspire essential oil blend
  • Rhodonite gemstone bracelet + I Love essential oil blend
  • White Howlite gemstone bracelet + Body Rescue essential oil blend


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