Nectar Essences' Gemfleur Line


Gemfleur is a line by Nectar Essences that includes targeted aromatherapy remedies activated with flower essences and gemstone elixirs. It includes seven daily wellness remedies for inhaling, rubbing on pulse points or adding to the bath:

  • Calm+ Gold gem elixir—a “remedy for the modern world”
  • De-stress+ Turquoise gem elixir—represents “strength and balance”
  • Decongest+ Black Tourmaline gem elixir—“amplifies trust and positivity”
  • Energy+ Diamond gem elixir—“amplifies joy and delight”
  • Focus+ Lapis Lazuli gem elixir—“activates the higher mind and enhances clarity and memory”
  • Immunity+ Fire Opal gem elixir—“enhances intuition”
  • Sleep+ Rainbow Moonstone elixir—“aids in calm sleep and lucid dreaming”


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