Personalization is Profitable: NEW Custom Blends + Download


It's a fact: today's consumers expect highly personalized experiences. "Personalization" means that you meet your customer's needs more effectively and efficiently, make your interactions memorable and easier and, consequently, increase client satisfaction and the likelihood of repeat bookings.

Get Personal with Custom Blending

Build client loyalty, make more money and personalize your services with Bioelements exclusive, new Custom Blending System, which includes three Custom Blend formulas that target your clients' biggest concerns: aging, hydration and inflammation, plus two aromatherapy oils with essential oil blends exclusive to Bioelements.

These new Custom Blends are more potent, more concentrated for immediate results and more targeted. You’ll use less, see a lower entrance point and always have a low cost-per-treatment.

Age ArchitectTM

Plumps, tightens and targets appearance of lines.

Inflammation Inhibitor

Triple-targets visible, invisible and sensory inflammation.

Deeper Hydration

Multi-level hydration to balance skin barrier.

Bergamot Aromatherapy

Classic fruity, aromatic citrus, with mild spice notes.

Modern Yin Aromatherapy

Harmonious blend of lavender, sandalwood, clary sage and geranium.

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