PDO Max Glowpin Serum Infusion System Enhances Precision and Absorption of Serums

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PDO Max Glowpin is a serum infusion system that combines a multi-needle stimulator with an airless pump for the more precise application of topical skin boosters and more effective absorption of serums. After the desired serum has been inserted into the device, pressing the pump infuses the serum for optimal absorption of skin boosters, hyaluronic acid, and other corrective serums into the skin.

The Glowpin syringe top, or multi-needle stimulator, is made of 19 equally spaced nano-hypodermic needles that infuse the serum onto the skin at 0.5mm, with minimal pain. This allows for the skin to absorb up to 30 times more of the skin booster when applied using the device. The single-use, multi-needle stimulator tip is versatile as it has a universal luer-locking system allowing it to attach to other syringes.

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