Pevonia's Hair Energize Collection is a 3-step System for a Healthy Scalp Microbiome

Pevonia Hair Energize Group

Pevonia Natural Skincare Hair Energize Collection includes three steps of hair care solutions that are nature-infused and science-based to deliver hair and scalp health and vibrancy,

The Hair Energize Collection features extra-strength products for a healthy hair and scalp microbiome with natural, clean formulations that are sulfate-free, non-irritating and suitable for all hair types. 

Key Ingredients:

  • Encapsulated Caffeine (Green Coffee): Reduces hair thinning, aids with growth
  • Rosemary: Helps promote hair growth, thickness, and volume, adds shine 
  • Amaranthus: Rich in micronutrients, thickens, adds shine
  • Collagen Polypeptides: Reduces breakage, conditions and increases flexibility

Step 1: Hair Energize Extra-Strength Shampoo

Proper cleansing is the first vital step for hair health. Daily pollutants, styling products, and other agents weigh hair down. By deeply cleansing with this extra-strength shampoo, your clients will gently reenergize lethargic hair follicles and add volume without drying or irritating.

Step 2: Hair Energize Extra-Strength Conditioner

Fragile, thinning hair is challenging. By reducing breakage, damage and the needs of a delicate scalp and hair, this repairing conditioner promotes healthy follicles, aids with hair growth, and instantly detangles. Prompts volume, bounce, and shine.

Step 3: Hair Energize Extra-Strength Overnight Serum

Delivering extra care where needed most can result in hair that feels greasy, heavy, and lifeless. This fast absorbing, nongreasy overnight serum diminishes hair loss and fortifies at the root. Strengthens follicles for smoother, softer, stronger, fuller hair with abundant vitality.     

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