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Sorella Apothecary's Chemical Peel Collection

Sorella Apothecary's Chemical Peel Collection is designed for professional use only. The collection includes four chemical peels that target specific skin concerns, as well as a prepping solution and a retinol booster to enhance results.

Collection Includes

  • Maintenance Peel is smoothing, brightening and hydrating. 
  • Clear Skin Peel heals existing blemishes and prevents future breakouts while reducing post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. 
  • Healthy Aging Peel stimulates collagen production while softening fine lines and improving skin tone and texture.
  • Brightening Peel evens out skin tone and texture while reducing inflammation and redness.
  • The Prep removes bacteria and excess oil to allow peels to penetrate more evenly. 
  • The Boost will encourage healthy skin turnover to visibly reduce signs of aging and pigmentation.


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