Danne Montague-King's Enbioment Microbiome Probiotic System


Enbioment Microbiome Probiotic System is a three-piece collection that was created to restore the skin's natural healthy balance. The system includes a cleanser, mist and serum that are available in standard and travel sizes. The line was designed for the use of people living with atopic dermatitis, rashes, acne, reactive skin or a long course antibiotic use, and it works to neutralize the skin's pH level for anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin. 

In This System

  • DMK Enbioment Cleanser: this cleanser works to neutralize pH levels int he skin while cleansing and removing excess colonies of bad bacteria from the skin without stripping it of good bacteria.
  • DMK Enbioment Mist: this mist works to restore the skin while acting as a prebiotic to establish the proper environment and provide the nutrients necessary to rebuild good bacteria found in healthy skin. 
  • DMK Enbioment Serum: this probiotic restoring emulsion serum reintroduces healthy bacteria back into the skin. This serum works by rebalancing the microbiome to ensure that the skin's mechanical barrier function is performing optimally. 

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