The Better Skin Co.'s Zit Survival Kit


Zit Survival Kit works to treat, clear and help maintain a blemish-free complexion in a three-step system. This kit includes three products formulated to help clear the skin of acne and blemishes, the Zit No More Kleanse, Zit No More and Zit No More Klarity.

Products In this Collection

Zit No More Kleanse: daily cleansing gel that uses salicylic acid, tea tree oil and kombucha to target and clear acne causing bacteria while helping with dryness and uneven skin tones.

Zit No More: combines tea tree oil with essential oils to target and clear the skin of blemishes while being packaged in a roller ball tube.

Zit No More Klarify Moisturizer: lightweight gel cream moisturizes that hydrates the skin while providing skin-clearing and clarifying properties.


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