PLATINUM CARE is a skin care collection developed utilizing the raw material, platinum in combination with other ingredients to benefit aging skin.

PLATINUM CARE Day Cream is an anti-aging day care cream, which pampers the senses and provides the skin with anti-aging substances throughout the day. Skin will be left feeling smooth and refreshed.

PLATINUM CARE Night Cream is a premium anti-aging night care cream, which offers regeneration support. This complex smoothes the skin’s surface texture, fills I wrinkles from within the skin and strengthens the skin’s substance over a long period of time.

PLATINUM CARE Effect Serum is an anti-aging active-substance serum, which works instantly to firm and make the skin feel noticeably smoother and looking young and radiant. This serum results in less expression lines and a smoother skin surface texture over a long period of time.

PLATINUM CARE Eye Cream is a premium anti-aging eye care cream, which makes tired skin around the eyes look radiant. The product supplies the area with powerful anti-aging active substances for 24 hours a day. Crow’s feet are reduced effectively and damaged collagen fibers are repaired and protected.  

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