PurErb’s Clarity Brightening Bar


The Clarity Brightening Bar lifts impurities, brightens dull skin and reduces hyperpigmentation, while boosting alertness and promoting stability.

Developed by a Korean master monk, the product was formulated with 38 plant extracts, which are top herbal ingredients from various parts of the world.

With therapeutic benefits for the face and body, ingredients include over two dozen brightening and skin-lightening herbs. The key ingredient—Korean red ginseng—is rich in antioxidants and helps improve microcirculation, skin firmness and elasticity, while promoting a brighter complexion.

Additional key ingredients and their benefits include:

  • Mulberry to inhibit melanin synthesis
  • Mitracarpe to soothe inflammation and provide a lightening effect
  • Slender glasswort to detoxify, tone and improve texture
  • Lady’s mantle to fade away dark spots
  • Balloon flower to combat inflammation and oxidative damage
  • Heartleaf to help skin retain moisture
  • Yarrow to calm and balance acne-prone skin
  • White hyacinth, which features essential fatty acids, vitamins and skin-nourishing minerals to calm and balance skin
  • Lemon balm for aromatherapy benefits and to boost alertness and help sharpen memory
  • Ginger to promote energy and courage
  • Ginseng to improve mental performance

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