Niko Cosmetics’ Penta-C Serum


The Penta-C Serum is concentrated and has antioxidant protection. With vitamin C, this product fights off free radicals and increases elasticity, while lightening, brightening, firming and decreasing fine lines in the skin.  

This serum is the first vitamin C serum consisting of extracts from the top highest oxygen radical absorption capacity score super fruits.

Key ingredients and extracts include:

  • Organic amla fruit extract to fight off free radicals offering the skin anti-aging properties and repair
  • Organic camu camu fruit extract to protect the skin against free radical damage and aging
  • Organic sumac fruit extract to lighten skin, while evening out pigmentation and preventing free radical damage
  • Organic acai fruit extract to detoxify and protect the skin from negative free radicals, while rebuilding and rejuvenating skin to glow
  • Organic chamomile flower extract to repair and protect the skin, while also reducing acne and restoring moisture
  • Organic glycerin to moisturize, soothe, heal and offer protection to the skin
  • Organic grapefruit peel oil to nourish and rejuvenate the skin
  • Organic sweet orange peel oil to offer anti-aging benefits and luminosity to the skin
  • Xantham gum to offer hydration and to act as a natural thickener

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