Phytomer’s PIONNIÈRE XMF Rich Cleansing Cream


The PIONNIÈRE XMF Rich Cleansing Cream brings a gentle foaming cream to benefit anti-aging and cleanse the skin, while intensely moisturizing and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. The mild formula aids in the removal of impurities without disrupting the skin’s pH balance or irritating the eyes.

This product replenishes the skin’s lipid stores to create a moisturization shield, while also stimulating the collagen and elastin to improve firmness and elasticity. The cashmere-soft texture transforms from a cream into foam upon contact with water and permeates a light aquatic scent with a hint of rose and jasmine.

Two key ingredients that aid in the anti-aging process include:

  1. EPS XMF (exo-polysaccharide extra marine filler)
  2. Glasswort oil


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