Skin Authority’s Beauty Infusion Collection


The Beauty Infusion Collection consists of natural personal care products with key natural actives from superfoods. The formulas are inspired by the ancient Ayurvedic techniques of using food-based ingredients.

The superfoods collection, developed for the face, consists of:

  • Turmeric & Blueberry for Brightening, which brightens and illuminates the complexions, while diminishing sun spots, brown spots and excessive freckles
  •  Quinoa & Avocado for Hydrating, which reduces fine lines and firms skin texture, leaving skin hydrated and smooth
  • Swertia Chirata for Anti-Aging, which decreases wrinkles and roughness
  • Probiotics for Clarifying, which combats inflammation and harmful bacteria on the skin surface
  • Instant Perfection Peel Pads, which improves and enhances makeup application and daily skin care routine

Each of the ingredients within the products benefit skin against aging, inflammation and wounds. Reducing rosacea, calming breakouts and minimizing eczema are among some of the properties these ingredients have. Additionally, they help brighten and even out skin tone, while also protection and hydrating the skin.

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