PUR Attitude's PURenergizer Complete Anti-Aging Kit


PURenergizer Complete Anti-Aging Kit uses a waterless, natural polymer system that combines with phospholipids, ceramides and sphingolipids to improve absorption of key ingredients in the skin. This anti-aging kit includes three different solutions and a skin infusion. 

Complete Kit

  • Nano Solutions Skin Infuser: hand-held device that uses ultrasonic nanotechnology to turn solutions into a vapor that penetrates the skin deeper. 
  • MAX Defense Lift & Firm Nano Solution: delivers a combination of antioxidants while providing nutrients to the skin to minimize the signs of aging.
  • Moisture Magnet Anti-Aging Nano Solution: helps the skin's barrier naturally retain moisture, increase hydration and deliver necessary electrolytes.
  • MAX Brightening Nano Solution: Improves the skins overall firmness and lightens dark, or age, spots while using vitamin C and collagen synthesis.

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