Draw In More Customers With Effective LED Treatments


LED treatments can complement the services that you provide to your customers as well as help you attract new ones. If you have tried LED treatments in the past and were not happy with the results, most likely the LED product was not effective due to low power.

In July of 2018, Ari Whitten published “The Ultimate Guide to Red Light Therapy.” Ari goes through the science behind effective dosing. His research settled on 5 Joules/cm2 as the sweet spot for effective red light skin treatments. Check out Ari’s research on effective dosing.

To achieve effective results, everything is about getting the correct dose in a reasonable amount of time. Unfortunately, as Ari says, “99% of the red light therapy products sold online are a waste of money.” If you are diligent and know how to ask the right questions you can find products that achieve the industry standard of 5 Joules/cm2. Some LED providers will try to tell you that they achieve results at much lower power levels. Unfortunately, the science does not back them up.

Most LED products lack uniform energy due to the wide spacing of the LEDs and the use of a focusing lens. This creates what is referred to as the “Q-tip” effect. It is like putting on your sunscreen by dotting it on with a Q-tip. Effective LED products need to provide uniform energy, not just shine a small number of dots on your skin. 

Look for LED solutions with closely spaced LEDs to avoid this effect. With closely spaced LEDs the light overlaps multiple times before the optical energy reaches your skin. This results in the same energy hitting your skin whether you are 1/3 of an inch from the LEDs or three inches from the LEDs. Your cheeks, nose, forehead and chin will all receive the same amount of energy and benefits.

LED light has fantastic benefits for skin rejuvenation. Effective LED treatments can reduce the recovery time by 50% for microchanneling, dermaplanning, microneedling, plasma pen, dermabrasion and other facial procedures. Additionally, the results are better because you are “feeding” the skin with the energy it needs most. LED compliments any esthetic treatment. If you are not seeing results from LED treatments, you may want to consider alternative LED equipment.

Illuminate has been independently tested and achieves 5 Joules/cm2 in five minutes. Illuminate’s 1800 LEDs provide uniform energy from 1/3 of an inch from the LEDs to three inches from the LEDs. These and other benefits make Illuminate best-in-class. If you choose the wrong LED device your treatment time may be an hour or more to achieve the same energy that Illuminate can achieve in just five minutes. Aesthetic Si2007 Image3



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