Whish's Kabosu Sea Salt Collection


Kabosu Sea Salt Collection includes four different bath and body products that work to nourish the skin. There is a bath and body gel, sugar scrub, body butter and shaving cream all included in the collection, which is designed for retail use in spas. This collection allows clients to take the spa feeling home with them. 

Included in this Collection

  • Bath and Body Gel powerfully moisturizes the skin leaving it feeling silky and smooth through the use of organic shea butter and organic raspberry butter.
  • Shaving Cream provides a close, moisturizing shave through the use of natural ingredients that leave skin soft and smooth. 
  • Sugar Scrub polishes and nourishes the skin with a trio of exfoliants and three different moisturizers like organic aloe, raspberry butter and shea butter.
  • Body Butter is formulated with a triple antioxidant, all-natural base and key ingredients like organic aloe, raspberry butter and shea butter.

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