CompariSkin 2.2 Skin Monitoring App


The CompariSkin Skin Monitoring App was designed by a dermatologist to allow users to track changes in their skin with 3D imaging. Available for free in the App Store, the 3D model captures accurate images of the skin, including moles, birthmarks, before-and-after procedures and wrinkles. Once baseline images are completed, the app then overlays new images and compares them against each other to create a database of transformations.

Developed to be a portable record of skin history, the CompariSkin app allows users to share skin health history with physicians and other skin professionals, as well as record changes on the skin between visits. The goal of the app is to identify early warning signs of potentially serious skin issues, such as skin cancer, and reduce the risk for unnecessary biopsies.

The app reminds users to complete baseline images, perform self exams and schedule appointments. Additionally, the app stores chart notes and results at the precise location of the biopsy.

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